How I Started Making Candles

Posted by Erika Tames on

If you're a creative soul like me, you're always looking for an outlet.  I've done drawing, painting, jewelry making, pottery, you name it.  Making something by hand feels so personally satisfying to me, almost like an inherent trait.  Like I've set out to do this and I succeeded.  In addition, I'm a hard worker.  Been employed since the age of 14.  Unfortunately my current job in industrial sales doesn't allow my creative & crafty juices to flow.  So that's a little about me.

Did you ever notice that each home you've ever walked into has a distinct scent to it?  Some are pleasant, some are not :P  I've always wanted to be that home with the distinct pleasant aroma, that invites your guests into a warm & inviting place.

What better way to provide that atmosphere than having a natural candle burning?Not to mention that cozy glow of the flame; simple. romantic. inspiring.

I got hooked on Tyler Candles several years back, and I enjoyed their unique per-fumy scents.  They stopped selling at my local store so I was reduced to buying them online.  They were costly and didn't last very long.  My (then-fiance) Mo said to me, "why don't you start making them yourself'.  Oh boy, why did he say that!  I can't refuse a challenge, especially when it comes to something crafty!

So my journey began.

Circa April 2017, I purchased a soy candle making kit which came with everything I needed to make half a dozen candles.  Let's just say it's not as easy as you'd think!  After several trial and errors I finally made some pretty nice looking and fragrant candles. Success!

But I still had a lot to learn.  I experimented with different scents, containers, wicks, do I dye the wax or not, pouring temperatures, etc.  I decided I liked the natural look of the candles without color.  I mean, why color them if the scent is what matters? 

During the process I also learned that the petroleum based paraffin candles I used to buy are not very good to breathe in your home.  Soy is clean burning, natural, renewable, and they burn about 3 times longer than those paraffin candles you buy at the store! 

As I was planning for my wedding in September of last year, I brainstormed wedding favor ideas.  I knew I would make them myself as I really liked the thought of a personal thank you gift, but what do I make....hmm....

So I picked my favorite fall scent, a mixture of Pomegranate & Cider notes (ZuZu's Berry Spicy) and made 60 candle favors with custom labels to match our invitations.  They came out so beautiful and my guests went wild over them!

And then a small business was born. I wanted to do something I really enjoyed, and be an inspiration to my 2 daughters and stepson.  And of course I wouldn't be able to do any of this without my awesome hubby's undying love and support.