Welcome to the heartwarming story of Zuzu Candle Co., a business deeply rooted in family bonds, entrepreneurship, and the shared passion of its founders, Erika and Mo. Our journey began in 2012, an unexpected meeting between neighboring apartment buildings that sparked an immediate connection.

From that chance encounter, a friendship blossomed, and over the years, we not only became fast friends but also found ourselves working side by side in the same company. What started as neighborly friendship developed into a deep loving bond and mutual respect, and we became engaged in 2016! Our story is a testament to the power of love, support and encouragement.

Driven by a shared love for quality candles and a desire for fragrances that lasted, we embarked on the journey of crafting our own candles. Encouraged by Mo, Erika delved into the art of candle making, overcoming challenges and perfecting the process through trial and error. Mo's expertise in calculating fragrance to wax ratios and burn times became the key to consistency and a polished product.

The idea to create personalized candle wedding favors for our 2017 nuptials was born. Our Cider House scent, crafted with love, became an instant hit with our wedding guests, setting our entrepreneurial wheels in motion.

And so, Zuzu Candle Co. came to life. This venture has not only connected us with wonderful customers but has also been a journey of continuous learning and skill development in running a small business. It serves as an inspiration for our children, teaching them to pursue their passions fearlessly and step outside their comfort zones.

Our little journey has been nothing short of amazing, and we are excited to share our passion for quality candles, entrepreneurship, and the bonds that hold families together with you.


Erika & Mo