Zuzu Candle Co. is a family owned, veteran owned, and woman owned business. It was born from our love for quality candles, entrepreneurship, and passion to inspire each other.  Our love story began in 2012, at a chance meeting between our neighboring apartment buildings. An immediate connection was there when we realized our kids were the same age and of course became fast friends. Through many years of friendship (& eventually working together in the same company!) we formed a loving bond neither of us expected.  We support each other, encourage each other, and lift each other up.  After many years of living our single parent lives, we became engaged in 2016.

At my soon-to-be husband's encouragement, I began making my own candles because I was having a difficult time finding fragrant candles that lasted for longer than a few hours.  I purchased a little soy wax kit and after MUCH trial & error, I had gotten it down to a science. He calculated proper fragrance to wax ratios and burn times which was the key to consistency and a polished product. 

We decided it would be a nice personal touch to make our own candle wedding favors.  We created personalized labels and made our Cider House scent for our September 2017 nuptials.  The candles were a huge hit with our guests which certainly got our wheels spinning!

That's when we decided to start our little business.  It's been a wonderful learning experience, not only connecting with our customers, but also gaining valuable skills running a small business.  It continues to inspire us, and it teaches our children to pursue their passion and not be afraid to go outside of their comfort zone. Our little journey has been amazing, and we are thrilled to share it with you.

Be the Inspiration... Be the Light


Erika & Mo