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Zuzu Candle

Candle Care Kit

Candle Care Kit

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Level up your candle game with our candle tool set, your go-to toolkit for a flawless candle experience! Each set comes in a velvet drawstring bag and includes:

Oval Tray: Our minimalist yet elegant candle accessory tray keeps all of your tools in one place and is attractive to put on display.

Wick Trimmer: An essential step in making your candles burn cleaner and last longer, this long-stem ergonomic design makes it easy to trim your wicks before each re-lighting.

Wick Snuffer: Drastically reduce and smoke or soot when blowing out a candle by placing the dome over the flame to safely extinguish.

Wick Dipper: Our favorite tool, the dipper can be used in lieu of the snuffer. Just take the pointed end and dip your wick into the wax and use the dipper to reshape the wick to stand up. Voila! No smoke :-)

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