Spring Cleaning Checklist for a Refreshed and Renewed Home

Spring Cleaning Checklist for a Refreshed and Renewed Home

Spring is coming early this year! As mother earth starts to loosen its grip on winter and your tulips start to emerge, it’s the perfect time to breathe new life into your space with a thorough spring cleaning. This thorough guide will help walk you through each step, ensuring that your home not only sparkles, but also radiates a sense of peace and tranquility. As Louisa May Alcott says, “A clean house is a happy house”.

Gather Materials:

  • Broom
  • Mop and Bucket
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Vinegar and Window Cleaner
  • Paper Towels
  • Scrub sponges
  • Soap scum cleaner
  • Flat sponge with pole for windows
  • Squeegee
  • Disposable dusters
  • Baking Soda or baking soda based cleanser
  • Dish soap

Step 1: Declutter, Organize and Donate

  • Closets are the easiest place to start. To quote Marie Kondo, “I recommend you dispose of anything that does not fall into one of three categories: currently in use, needed for a limited period of time, or must be kept indefinitely.” If your things don't meet this requirement, it’s time to start the donation pile! Store those winter coats hanging on the coat rack and bring out the jackets and umbrellas. Don’t forget to go through the shoes too!
  • Use under bed storage bins for heavy winter clothes and start bringing out the warm weather gear.
  • Remove all hats, gloves and scarves and throw them in the wash and store neatly so they’re fresh and clean for the next winter season. Might as well wash the throws & sofa blankets while you’re at it!
  • My mother always told me ‘everything needs a place’. If you have a designated space for all of your things, they are easier to find and store. If necessary, purchase wicker baskets and drawer organizers to ensure all of your precious belongings have a special home.
  • Clean out your junk drawer. There’s nothing more satisfying than having a tidy junk drawer for pens, chalk, keys, matches and sticky notes. Shallow drawer organizers of different sizes work great for this little stuff.

Step 2: Say Goodbye to Dust Mites

  • Once the clutter is put away, start dusting. Microfiber cloths are great for wet dusting and drying. Use a small bucket with a little cleaning solution, and submerge and wring out the cloth, then wipe down surfaces and use a dry microfiber cloth to remove any wet spots. You don’t want any moisture sitting on tables or your tv hutch. 
  • Use a bunny duster or duster disposables to clean corners, tops of window trim, and light fixtures.
  • If you’re feeling ambitious you can also clean the tops of your ceiling fan blades with the damp cloths (although we like to leave that for the cleaning service :)
  • Last but not least: don't forget the nooks and crannies. Wipe down baseboards, light fixtures and window sills.
  • Another thing we save for the cleaning company is ceiling fans, but if you’re feeling ambitious, use a microfiber cloth and a cleaning vinegar and water solution to wipe down the blades and light covers.

Step 3: Windows to the Soul

  • We found the best way to clean windows is using a solution of vinegar and water. Windex works too!
  • There are special microfibre cloths that don't attract lint, or you can use newspaper as well. Be sure to wipe down trim and window sills. Remove and wash curtains and blinds.
  • For outside windows, a little warm water and Dawn dish soap is great with a pole sponge. Once you soap up the windows, give it a clean rinse with your garden house and use a squeegee for a streak free finish.

Step 4: TLC for your Flooring

  • Vacuum carpets thoroughly, and shake off rugs outside. If it’s been while, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. We like to bring small rugs to the laundromat and wash in heavy duty machines.
  • For hardwoods, avoid harsh cleaners and oil soap. Once you’ve swept thoroughly, use a vinegar and water solution to bring your floors back to their original shine, but don’t saturate them because wood is very porous.
  • Last but not least: Don’t forget to wipe down those dusty baseboards.

Step 5: Kitchen Renewal

  • Empty out all expired food and don’t forget the condiments and dressings! Next, wipe down shelves and drawers. There is nothing better than a clean and organized fridge.
  • Clean the inside of the oven and door. We love Scrub Daddy cleanser and it comes with a sponge too! Stainless steel appliance cleanser works great and gives your appliances luster.
  • Use a dishwasher cleaner tab and run a cycle to descale any lime or mineral buildup. You’d be surprised at how much better it functions afterwards.

Step 6: Bathroom Bliss

  • Scrub away soap scum and grime from bathroom surfaces including tiles, showerheads, sinks and faucets. Use a grout brush to clean in between tiles and crevices. 
  • Replace old shower curtains, wash bath mats, and organize toiletries.
  • Consider adding a new plant or scented candles to your bathroom to create a fresh and inviting atmosphere.
  • Deep clean the toilet with toilet bowl cleaner and brush. We use a bleach spray to clean the outside of the toilet with paper towels.

Step 7: Bedroom Serenity

  • Wash all bedding in hot water, including pillows and duvets for a clean and  inviting slumber oasis.
  • Flip or rotate your mattress for even wear. 
  • Declutter bedside tables and dressers, and dust your bedside lamps and electronics. 
  • Give your closet a little attention storing off season clothes to free up space and organize your hanging clothes by color. It’s so aesthetically pleasing.

Step 8: Tech Hygiene

  • Electronics accumulate a lot of dust and grime. Wipe down keyboard keys (we like to use alcohol and a cotton swab) and an air duster to blow dust out of cracks and crevices.
  • Untangle cables and use zip ties to neatly tie cords together.

Step 9: Final Touches

  • Add a natural element by placing potted plants and fresh flowers in strategic locations. Greenery is great for an oxygen rich environment.
  • Consider rearranging your furniture for a new perspective. This can breathe new life into your space without breaking the bank.
  • As you near the end of your spring cleaning checklist, take a moment to appreciate your efforts. Treat yourself with a calming tea and stroll through your fresh and renewed home.

Step 10: Scent-ify your Space

chicago candle

  • Now that your home is squeaky clean, it’s time to make it smell good too! There are a lot of products out there to add a clean scent, but beware of low quality items that can be hazardous to your health.
  • Essential oil diffusers offer a natural way to infuse a clean scent into your space. Just be advised that certain oils are not safe for pets.
  • Using scented soy wax melts in a wax warmer is a safe way to scent your space because there is no flame and the scent lasts a long time.
  • Put a fragrant soy candle on your counter or coffee table. Just be sure to keep lit candles away from children or pets. Make sure to trim the wick to a ¼”, and burn no more than 4 hours at a time.

Happy Cleaning!

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