Which Candles Are Safe For Pets?

Which Candles Are Safe For Pets?


When we started making scented candles, we explored different options for wax.  There is natural beeswax - which is costly and does not provide a strong scent throw.  And then there is paraffin wax - which is what you will find in almost all commercially available candles.  After some research we found that paraffin was not safe to breathe in your home.  It releases a lot of soot, along with formaldehyde which is known to be a carcinogen.  After experimenting with soy wax, not only does it release virtually no soot, but it is an all natural alternative which does not release any known chemical into the air.  In our trials, we discovered soy wax is the safest on the market and wanted to rest easy knowing we were burning these around our dog (and our kids!)

     Zuzu non-toxic soy candles are safe for pets.  We use only the highest quality USA made soy wax, and fragrance oils that are infused with essential oils and meet RIFM & IFRA standards for pureness and safety.  All Zuzu Candles are phthalate free too!

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